About Us

Windvest was founded in 1994 as a privately held real estate investment firm focused on opportunistic commercial and residential real estate investment projects. In addition to our own investment activities we operate as a direct lender. Over the last 16 years we have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions and managed over $350 Million in assets. We pride ourselves on providing fast and professional service to our clients, borrowers, and business partners.

Our Team

Dr. Carlos Jimenez, Chairman and Co Founder

Dr. Carlos Jimenez is the Chairman and Founder of Windvest Corporation. He also serves as co managing partner and advisor for Windvest Capital LLC, an investment fund open to qualified investors (See investment opportunities for more information). Dr. Jimenez brings over 25 years of experience to the firm. In addition to his domestic interests, he has also been very active in the international business community as a development consultant and government liaison on large energy contracts.

Andre Jimenez, President & Co Founder

Andre Jimenez is President of Windvest Corporation and Senior Managing Partner of Windvest Capital LLC. After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2001, he joined the firm and was responsible for developing the company's investment and lending platform still used today. He brings in over 16 years of experience in secondary mortgage market activities and oversees all day to day operations. Mr. Jimenez remains very active in the real estate community identifying potential opportunities and building strategic relationships for the firm. He currently holds a Broker's license issued by the California Department of Real Estate and is a proud member of NAIOP

Lina Miller, Vice President of Finance

Lina Miller joined the company in 2017 and currently serves as Vice President of Finance. She has a long and successful track record in the mortgage industry, building and managing bridge loan platforms for privately held investment firms throughout the Western United States. In addition to supervising the company’s strategic marketing initiatives, Lina is also responsible for maintaining the integrity of our brand, mission, and values by developing best practices and products that best serve the needs of our clients. With her specific industry knowledge, energy, and experience Lina remains dedicated to improving the overall customer experience with our firm.