The Fund

Windvest Capital LLC is a mortgage pool that allows investors to participate as actual shareholders of our existing portfolio. The fund has successfully returned double digit returns since inception with no losses to date. As a shareholder you are entitled to a prorated share of all income generated by the fund’s investment activities including but not limited to mortgage interest, late fees, charges, points, and fees.

This is the main advantage you have as a shareholder versus a trust deed investor whose income is derived only from the interest earned on an individual deal. Additionally, your capital is secured by a large portfolio of individual loans.

This means less risk for investors should one deal not perform as intended. The fund is licensed by the state of California and audited annually. Interested parties can request a login to gain access to our audited financials, historical returns, bond, and license information.

Historical Performance

2009 13.14%
2010 16.87%
2011 13.04%
2012 13.22%
2013 12.24%
2014 10.26%
2015 8.40%
2016 8.03%
Since Inception 11.82%

Program Highlights

  • Targeted Fund Size $50,000,000
  • Investment Minimum $25,000
  • 1 year lockup on capital
  • 2% management fee
  • Monthly Distributions