Investment Opportunities

We provide investment alternatives to qualified individuals, corporations, and retirement plans who seek aggressive returns on their capital while mitigating the risk to their principal. The platform was designed to be a safer and more consistent alternative to the volatility associated with stock market investing. All assets are secured by Real Estate.

The Fund (Windvest Capital LLC)

Invest in Windvest Capital as a shareholder. By purchasing shares you become a percentage owner in an existing portfolio of assets with a proven track record. Although the investment term is a little longer than direct investments into trust deeds, the potential for superior returns is higher.

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Trust Deed Investments

This program is designed for investors who prefer ownership of an individual deal instead of a pool. Although the investment term is shorter, returns are limited to the performance of one deal versus the protection provided by an investment as a shareholder. Experience in trust deed investing is recommended although not required.

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